There is hope. There is light. Great Souls Stepping Forward

Look what one local person, Pratap Khanwilkar, can do to recognize and address racial injustice right here at home. In recognizing the tragedy of the killing of citizen George Floyd by the police, a story that repeats and repeats itself across the U.S., Pratap and his family recognized that the American Dream is not equally available to all. That the scales are tipped in favor of a portion of our people by skin color. When fellow Americans are pitted against fellow Americans, especially with those that hold the power, we are weakened as a whole. Here, in a largely white and conservative part of the United States, we can start by recognizing this fact. We can act. That is what Pratap's family did by organizing a Fair Oaks Ranch vigil for George Floyd and a recognition of racial injustice.

There is room for all of us to live the American Dream and no need to fear. Lift up each other's voices and validate all people. This is the GOOD the Boerne Area Democrats (B.A.D.) stand for.

Excerpts from Hill Country Weekly article 6/11/20 by M Koerner


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