Mask-maker, mask-maker, make me a mask!

Updated: Aug 6

How do we take care of one another? B.A.D. member Stacey Gilfillan has been sewing masks! The mask; a simple mitigator in the COVID-19 era. The Wall Street Journal printed a great graphic on the efficacy of different masks (see below & click on "Face Masks Really Do Matter"). It turns out Stacey's homemade variety is one of the best (after the "gold-standard" N95,of course). Need a mask? Plenty of sellers online now, but drop in to Democratic HQ in Boerne and purchase a Gilfillan original too (where political signs are also available!). Thanks to Stacey, and thanks to all who are giving to the B.A.D. for GOOD fundraiser movement. Boerne Area Democrats support candidates who care about our health, and that of our fellow neighbors.

The value of taking care of each other is a kindness we want to pass on to our children. Why? Because that is GOOD.

Recent WSJ Article below - just CLICK!

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